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Granite Coating"

Ron Lajun
Training Program
Our Training Program will give you the knowledge you need to be a leader in the industry.

Training Program Certificate
After completing the Program, You will recieve a certificate showing your commitment to being the best.

Training Testimonials: Ron's 20plus years experience in this business richly equips him to give you top quality training and leaves you just trying to soak in all the info he is trying to impart to you as your training time flies by.
Rick, Heritage Refinishing, Tulsa OK

The confidence that Ron has in his methods and products gave me the confidence to come back home and begin my own business. I am thankful for the training and on-going technical support and encouragement as I now have built a very successful business in just over a year.
Roger, Surface Tech, Arkansas

My son Scott and I trained with Ron in March 2008. Ron was very knowledgeable and capable of conveying his knowledge in a straightforward, simple manner. Having purchased my business three years previous and my only training coming from the former owner I felt the need to spend time with a professional. Ron was able to give us more insight into the refinishing process as well as make us feel confident we were already doing a good job. It was time and money well spent. I look forward to more training in the future. Sincerely,
Keith Tetreault

The knowledge and techniques Ron has collected and developed from over 20 years of experience is immeasurable. Even after two decades in the industry, he still has excitement and eagerness to further evolve his craft which is displayed through his teachings. Time flew by without me realizing with our discussions of business options, marketing techniques, as well as hands on training with coatings. I recommend this training to anyone in the industry, regardless of your present level of experience.
All Surface Refinishing, Harrisburg PA
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